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Contact Centre Programme

The CONTACT CENTRE PROGRAMME is specially designed and catered for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The Programme consists of 3 courses – Call Centre SuccessWriting Effective Emails and Beyond Customer Service, held over 9 days. The Programme aims to enhance the service skills of PWDs and increase their employability or upgrade their existing skills. 

Call Centre Success

This course will increase trainees’ understanding of the challenges, skills, and competencies they need to succeed as a customer service officer.

Course Outline
– The CSR: A Powerful Voice
– Gaining the Professional Edge
– The All Important Customer
– Building Your Communication Skills
–  Attitude Your Most Important Asset

Writing Effective Emails

This course will show trainees how to compose and format persuasive e-mail messages that will get their message read and acted upon.

Course Outline
– Think Before You Email
– Composing Your Email
– Key to Effective Emails
– Polishing Your Cyber Manners
– Formatting Your Email
– Managing Email Overload

Beyond Customer Service

This course will highlight the importance of retaining customers, and develop strategies for successful customer service that can be established anywhere.

Course Outline
– Customer Service and Beyond
–  Know Your Customer
– Customer Retention
–  50 Ways to Keep Your Customers

Programme Details

Date: 20 – 30 March 2017 (Exclusive of Weekends)
Time: 9am – 5pm
Venue: Enabling Village
Fees: $90.40

Funding Available:
1. Skills Future Credit
2. Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

a. Programme is open to Singaporeans and PRs only.
b. Course fee funding is available for persons with disabilities.
c. Trainees may receive a training allowance, subject to attendance and other terms and conditions.
d. Persons with disabilities refer to those with autism spectrum disorder; intellectual disability; physical impairment; hearing impairment; and visual impairment.

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Contact Centre Programme
A 9-day training programme supported by SG Enable specially catered for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).
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