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“He who knows others is wise.

He who knows himself is enlightened.”

– Lao Tzu

Using our tools and assessments for employee development

We believe that a person’s ability to succeed is more than just a question of knowledge.

When administering assessments, we recognise that its purpose is to aid employee development and decision-making. Our profiling assessments and tools are designed to guide your productivity and decision-making by identifying your natural tendencies and aptitudes across a core set of soft skills such as communication, conflict management and leadership, among many others.

Based on deep research, our tools and assessments are tailored to address individual learning goals, and ultimately support organisational development. You can use assessments as a stand-alone service to gain a better understanding of yourself or combine them with our training or coaching programmes to further enhance your learning. The assessments can also be tailored to support in-house employee development programmes.

All our assessments comprise a series of short questions which can be completed anywhere. Responses are consolidated and evaluated to provide a personalised and comprehensive report. The report provides tools, tips and techniques that you can immediately apply for your own personal development.

Looking for a personal assessment to improve your personal or your team’s productivity?

Making sense of your results

If you’re wondering what the results might mean for you, you may want to consider pairing your assessment evaluation with our workshops or coaching programmes. Paired with our workshops, you will be able to hone in on specific areas that will benefit your development and how you can perform better at work. During coaching sessions, our consultants will work together with you to ensure you fully understand the conclusions of your assessment and its implications for your future. These sessions also ensure you are able to build your own action plan for your personal development journey.

You can also choose to complete an assessment without booking a workshop. In this case, we will email you the report and arrange for a brief meeting via telephone to discuss your results so that you can go back to work with a greater sense of self-awareness.

We offer the following tools

Influencing Styles




Holland Codes


Belbin Team Roles

Learning Styles Inventory

Training Styles

Leadership Styles

Communication Styles

Emotional Intelligence

When we understand ourselves better, we are able to transform our work into opportunities for self-fulfilment, which in turn creates successful organisations that can support our own growth.

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