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F) ESS – Employment Skills System

G) CREST – Critical Enabling Skills Training


I) Country Development and Capacity Building Courses






A. leadership
What’s Your Leadership Style?
Sink or Swim?
Negotiating a Fair Solution
Give Great Feedback!
What’s Your Influencing Style?
Long Lasting Customer Relationships
Planning Personal Change? Know This!
Looking Forward to the Holidays?
Management Dos and Don’ts
Inspire Your People
Why People Don’t Think Rationally
So, What Do our Customers Really Want
Great Remote Relationships
How Accountable Are You
Get it Done As a Team
How to Mend a Mistake
Keep it Professional
Avoid These Common Communication
How Credible Are You
Learn Faster, Learn Brighter
Beat Bad Group Dynamics
Helping Your People Find Purpose
Support Your Team with Job Positives
Are You Commercially Aware
Plan For Success
Look Before You Leap
Get Set For Change
What’s Your Online Reputation?
Project Management The Agile Way!
Energize Yourself!
Keep Feedback Simple!
Get the Best From Workplace Rebels
Avoid These Cross-Cultural Faux Pas!
Taking Responsibility… Effectively
Quick Fix. Permanent Fix
Working With People You Don’t Like
Brainstorming? Read This First!
Five Steps to Lasting Change
Opportunity Knocks?
Coping Under Pressure?
How “Culturally Intelligent” Are You?
Are Your People Blocked?
Reach Your Potential, Today!
Are You Getting the Best?
The “Wow Factor”?
Kick Bad Working Habits in 2013!
What Makes You Unique?
GROW a High-Performing Team
The Right Style For Your Situation?
The Best Management Style for Your Business?
Secrets of Successful Recruitment?
Does Your Work Space Help or Hinder?
Speak Like a President
Three Steps to Effective Learning
Your Team – Positive? Happy? Excellent?
3 Bad Habits You Have to Break
Conflict? Are You Teaching Tolerance?
Developing Future Leaders
A Team That Connects!
Get Noticed – For the Right Reasons!
Under Pressure? Create Calm!
Get Noticed- For the Right Reasons!
Build Great Working Relationships!
Build a Committed Team
Are You Good at Change?
What Motivates Your Team?
Nipping Problems in the Bud
Keep Hold of Your Best People!
Don’t Go it Alone!
How Loyal are Your Customers?
How Emotionally Intelligent are You?
Well Do You Know Your Customers?
Plan Training That Wows And Works
10 Presentation Mistakes to Avoid
Communicate Like a True Professional
Dealing With Sloppy Work
Stay Cool!
Go/No Go?
Self-Development for Busy People
How You Can “Learn” Happiness at Work
Quicker Ways to Build a High-Performance Team
Protect Your Relationships
Enjoy Your Commute!
Take Back Control!
Develop Your People!
What Are Your Goals for 2014?
b. Sales And Marketing
Successful Event Management
Presentation Skills
Selling Through Customer Services
Effective Sales Management
Business Etiquette and Professionalism
Effective Presentation
Effective Meeting Skills
Networking Skills
Making Winning Presentation
Direct Marketing Techniques
Marketing your Consulting or Professional Services
Sales Training Basic
Writing Business Proposal and Reports
c. Human Resources
Effective Performance Appraisal
Handling Difficult Employee
Organization Development
Successful Strategic Planning
Organization Development (Talent Retention & Employee Management)
Managing Change at Work
Managing Disagreement Constructively
Managing Difficult People
Partners in Performance
Business Etiquette & Professionalism
Influencing Others
Office Politics
Personal Counseling
Winning Human Relations
Skills of Appraisal & Performance Review
Counseling (Employees) Skills at Work
d. Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Key Staff
01 – Supervisory Skills
Excellence in Supervision (Advance)
From Technical Specialist to Supervisor
The New Supervisor (Basic)
Feedback Skills
Fundamental Management Supervisory Skills (Intermediate)
02 – Team Building & Leadership
Achieving Consensus
Leadership Skills for Women
Team Building (Team Bonding)
Team Problem-Solving
Virtual Teaming
Working in Teams (Understanding & Preventing Team Misunderstandings)
Team Triumphs (Team Building Games)
First Time Leadership
Making Teams Work (Outdoor Experiential Learning)
03 – Management Skills
Delegating for Results
Improving Your Company Image
Managing the Technical Professional
Project Management (Basic)
Successful Negotiation
The Challenge of Empowerment
Developing People – The Manager’s Role
The Essentials of Management
Facilitation Toolkit
The Manager as Trainer, Coach and Guide
Negotiation Skills (Basic)
Practical Decision Making Skills for Managers
Performance Management for Front Line Managers
The Project Management Activity pack
Skills of Appraisal & Performance Review
Managing Discipline and Grievances
motivation in Practice
Negotiation Skills (Advance)
Practical Decision Making Skills for Managers
Performance Management for Front Line Managers
Project Management (Advance)
Skills of Appraisal & Performance Review
Managing Discipline and Grievances
Office Management
Professionalism in the Office
04 – Increase Employee Performance
Downsizing Without Disaster
Effective Performance Appraisal
Handling the Difficult Employee
Developing Instructional Design
Dynamics of Diversity
Training Managers to Train
Training Methods that Work
Working Together
(Using) Emotional Intelligence at Work
05 – Strategic Development
Competency & The Learning Organization
Creating A Learning Organization
Organization Development
Organizational Vision, Values & Mission
Successful Strategic Planning
Systematic Succession Planning
Understanding Leadership Competencies
Competencies Activity Pack
Implementing Total Quality Management
Knowledge Management
Creating A Learning Organization
Toolkit for Organizational Change
NLP For Business Excellence
The War for Talent
managing People through Redundancies, Mergers and Acquisitions
06 – Finance
The Accounting Cycle
Basics of Budgeting
Financial Analysis
Personal Financial Fitness
Starting Your New Business
Understanding Financial Statements
07 – Change
Coping With Workplace Change (Basic)
Managing Change at Work (Intermediate)
Managing Personal Change
Understanding Organizational Change
managing Change (Advance)
08 – Manufacturing & Inventory
Basics of Inventory Management
Basics of Manufacturing
Benchmark Basics
Building a Total Quality Culture
JIT Forecasting & Master Scheduling
The Continuously Improving Self
09 – Electronic Communication
Writing Effective E-Mail
10 – Conflict Resolution
Managing Disagreement Constructively
managing Conflict
11 – Customer Service
A Positive Guide to Superior Service
Beyond Customer Service
Calming Upset Customers
Customer Satisfaction
Internal Customer Care
Managing Quality Customer Service
Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Most Customer Services Start With the Telephone
Basic Service Marketing
Complaint Handling for Positive Outcome
12 – Telephone Skills
Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service
Quality Calls
13 – Call Centre Success
Call Centre Success (Basic)
Call Centres – Maximizing Performance (Intermediate)
14 – Sales & Marketing
Achieve Large-Budget Marketing Without a Large Budget
Building & Closing the Sale
Business Research
Consultative Sales Power
Dealing Effectively With the Media
Direct Marketing Techniques
Effective Sales Management
Marketing Your Consulting or Professional Services
Prospecting: The Key to Sales Success
Sales Training Basics
Winning the Inner Game of Selling
Business Focus Training
Instant Sales Meetings –Intermediate –(Fundamental Sales Training Skills)
Selling Through Customer Service
Successful Events Management
15 – Productivity
Achieving Results
Administrative Assistant
Plan Your Work: Work Your Plan
Successful Self-Management
Managing Anger
Managing for Commitment
Managing Negative People
Partners in Performance
Productivity Management for Supervisors/Managers
16 – Coaching & Mentoring
Be Your Own Coach
Coaching & Counseling
Coaching for Development
Making the Most of Being Mentored
Mentoring (Basic)
Mentoring (Intermediate)
17 – Verbal Communication
Communicating With Employees
Effective Meeting Skills
Emotional Intelligence Works
Making Humour Work
The Art of Communicating
Thinking On Your Feet
Communication Skills (Intermediate)
18 – Written Titles
Better Business Writing
Clear Writing
Fat-Free Writing
Powerful Proofreading Skills
Technical Writing in the Corporate World
The Building Blocks of Business Writing
Writing Business Proposals & Reports
Writing Fitness
Writing that Sells
Business Writing Toolkit
19 – Presentation Skills
Effective Presentation Skills
Technical Presentation Skills
Using Visual Aids
Presentation Skills (Intermediate)
20 – Time Management
Personal Time Management
The Telephone &Time Management
21 – Self Improvement
Achieving Job Satisfaction
Critical Thinking
Developing Positive Assertiveness
Developing Self-Esteem
Ethics in Business
Finding Your Purpose
Memory Skills In Business
Risk Taking
Assertiveness Skills Pack
22 – Jobs & Careers
Effective Networking
Networking for Success
23 – Peer Relations & Appearance
Business Etiquette & Professionalism
Improving Peer Relationships
Influencing Others
Managing Upward
Office Politics
Personal Counseling
Winning at Human Relations
Internal Customers
Partnerships at Work
Counseling (Employees) Skills at Work
24 – Adult Learning
Basic Business Math
Formatting Letters and Reports
Improve Your Reading Improve Your Job
Study Skills Strategies
Successful Life Long Learning
Vocabulary Improvement
25 – Creativity
Creative Decision Making
Creativity in Business
Creativity for Competitive Advantage
Creative Problem Solving
26 – Stress, Well-Being & Retirement
Managing Stress for Mental Fitness
Stress that Motivates
Stress Management at Work
27 – Compliance
Disaster Preparedness
28 – Training
Conducting a Needs Analysis
Delivering Effective Training Sessions
Internet Ideas for the Resourceful trainer
Practical Training Skills
29 – Warehousing / Logistics
Equipment Operator Course
Warehousing Management Course
Preventive maintenance equipment usage
Training of Personnel in occupational safety and health
Machine guarding & Electrical Safety
Port Safety and Security Program
30 – WITS – Work Improvement Teams
WITS Quality Circle Management for Workshop
WITS Quality Circle Techniques for Facilitators
WITS Quality Circle Techniques for Leaders
WITS Quality Circle Techniques for Members
WITS Quality Circle Leadership Skills Module
WITS Quality Circle Facilitation Skills Module
WITS Quality Circle Advanced Tools & Techniques
WITS Quality Circle Basic Tools Module
QC Judging Skills
e. The Fast Thinking Manager
Managing Selection Interviews
Effective Counselling Tools & Techniques to Increase Productivity
Managing a Team Meeting
How to Manage Difficult People
Managing Team Discipline for Improved Productivity
Initiating the New Employees
Effective Coaching for Increased Performance
Developing Impactful Presentations
Managing Successful Projects
Practical Decisions Making Skills
Powerful Negotiation Techniques
Managing Appraisal Interviews
Secrets of Good Time Management
Effective Feedbacks Skills
Effective Budgets Management
Improved Organizational & Delegations Skills
f. Ess – Employability Skills System
Maintain Personal Presentation and Employment
Adapt to Change (Learning & Personal Development)
Demonstrate Initiative and Enterprising Behaviours
Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self
Comply with Workplace Safety and Health Policies and Procedures
Work in a Team (L1)
Perform Basic Productivity Practices (L1)
Apply 5S Techniques (L1)
Apply Quality Systems (L1)
Develop Personal Effectiveness
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Initiative and Enterprise
Communication and Relationship Management
Learning and Personal Development
Maintain Personal Presentation and Employment
Foster Team Adaptability (Learning & Personal Development)
Foster Initiative and Enterprise in team
Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self and Team
Supervise Work Improvement Processes
Supervise Quality Procedures
Facilitate Effective Work Teams
Maintain Workplace Safety and Health Policies and Procedures
Facilitate Effective Communication and Engagement at the Workplace
Develop Personal Effectiveness
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Initiative and Enterprise
Communication & Relationship Management
Learning and Personal Development
Contribute Towards a Learning Organization
Support the Establishment of a Framework for Initiative and Enterprise
Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Managerial Level
Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self and Others in a Business Context
Manage Process Improvement  ( L4 )
Manage Quality Systems and Processes
Contribute to the Development and Design of a Productivity Framework(Learning & Personal Development)
Manage Workplace Safety and Health System
Manage Cross Functional and Culturally Diverse Teams
Develop a Work Team
Facilitate the Implementation of a Productivity Framework
Implement Lean Six-Sigma (L4)
Apply Business Process Reengineering (L4)
Develop   Professional   Image and Competence to Achieve Personal Career Goals (5)
Develop Personal Effectiveness
Apply Systems Thinking in Problem Solving and Decision Making (L5)
Initiative and Enterprise
Lead Workplace Communication and Engagement
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Learning and Personal Development
g. Crest – Critical Enabling Skills Training
CREST Module 1 – Learning to Learn
CREST Module 2 – Literacy Part 2.1 – Reading
CREST Module 3 – Listening & Oral Communication
CREST Module 4 – Problem Solving & Creativity
CREST Module 5 – Personal Effectiveness
CREST Module 6 – Group Effectiveness
CREST Module 7 – Organizational Skills
h. New Courses
Understanding Power
Captivating Expert Power
How to Become A Better Leader
Bridging the Gap between Generation X and Y
Avoiding Leadership and Management Mistakes
Harnessing the Great Leader in You
Effective Leadership Styles
Effective Ways to Delegate
Motivational Leadership
Team Role Theory: Belbin’s Theory
Be A Good Team Player!
Dealing with Differences to Resolve Team Conflict
McClelland’s Human Motivation Theory: What Drives Your Team Members
Developing Strategy in Business
Business: Managing Your Competitors
Is It a Go or a No?: How to Make Better Decisions
Different Techniques for Decision-Making
Thinking Critically
Constructing a Project Framework
Beat that Stress: Learning Stress Management Techniques
How Burnout Are You?
Stress Management: The Perception-Based Strategies
Introduction to Foreign Direct Investments
Country’s Investment Attractiveness
Investment Promotion for Less Developed/ Developing Countries
Public-Private Partnership
02. The Art of Trade Negotiation
Introduction and Preparing for Trade Negotiations
Overview of WTO, Regional and Bilateral Negotiations
Trade in Services
Dispute Settlement
03. International Trade Facilitation
04. Information Technology for Hospitality and Tourism
05. Public Sector Reforms and Management For Senior Managers
06. Meetings, Conventions, and Exhibition Practices
Life Cycle of Planned Events, Events, and Meetings
Special Events
07. Investment Management and Promotion Strategies (6 sessions)
08. Service Quality Management
Service Quality – An Introduction
Service Quality – Concepts and Models
Aligning Strategy, Design and Standards
Total Quality Management
09. Sustainable Tourism Development and Management
Destination Marketing and Promotion
Tourism Development and Management
Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development
Marketing Research
Cultural Tourism Development
Environmental Tourism Development and Management
Management of Food Services and Lodging Facilities
Internal Marketing and Service Excellence
Transportation and Tourism Development
Future Trends and Challenges
10. IT Train the Trainers
11. Intermediate Course on Strategic Tourism Development (5 sessions)
12. Management and Leadership for Senior Managers
Creating Vision and Engaging Others to Follow
Managerial and Leadership Roles and Functions
Leadership and Management Styles, Skills, and Behaviors
Be an Effective Change Agent
Delegation/Performance Management
Proving Feedback to Manage Performance
Creating Effective Teams
Building Trust and Motivating Others
Communication/Coaching/Counseling Skills
Facilitating Focused Conversation and Meetings
Building Relationships with People at Work
13. Public Governance and Administration
Establishing Basic Principles and FundamentalsChallenges Facing Singapore, ASEAN & Cambodia
Principles of Governance
Human Resource Reforms
Human Resource Management
Clean Governance
14. HR Management in the Public Sector
Introduction to HR Management
HR Functions in the Public Service
Performance Management System
Training and Development
15. National Economic Management (8 sessions)
16. Foreign Investment Regulation and Management (5 sessions)
17. Development Strategies for SMEs for Cambodia (7 parts)
18. Urban Tourism Planning
Introduction to Urban Tourism
Urban Tourism Planning
Site Planning Concepts
Partnerships and Collaboration in Tourism
19. Advance Note Taking Course
20. Service Quality Management in Hospitality and Tourism (7 parts)
21.Server Administration and Networking
22. Investment Promotion Strategies
Role of International and Domestic
National Industrial and Investment Strategy
Understanding Investment Decision Making
Formulating of Investment Strategies and Incentives
Investment Promotion, Implementation and Aftercare
23. The Logistics and Planning of Meetings, Conventions and Exhibitions
24. Basic Financial Management
25. Effective ICT Management
Workplace Bullying
In This Together (Harassment)
Let’s Get Honest (Sexual Harassment)
Moment of Truth (Ethics)
Apply Adult Learning and Code Ethics to Training
Prepare and Facilitate Classroom Training
Conduct Competency-Based Assessment
Develop a Competency-Based Assessment
Code of Professional and Personal Conduct and Ethical Responsibility
Custody and Control
Inmate Management Behavior Plan
m.Service Excellence
Lead A Customer Focused Organisation 3-5 days
Provide a Quality Service Environment 3-5 days
Manage Business Excellence 3-5 days
Lead a Service Team 2-3 days
Build Relationship with Customers 2-3 days
Implement Continual Improvements in Service Delivery 2-3 days
Operations Staff
Provide GEMS Service 1-3days
Deliver Service Excellence 1-3days

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