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Below are some of our clients testimonals.

What others have said about us
4 “We engaged Mr.Kishore Jethmal of Trust Management Centre to conduct.”

3 “My colleagues enjoyed the energetic and enthusiastic training you gave during the two days of the course. The skills imparted were very practical and applicable in their daily work operations as supervisors.”

Mr. Henry Yan, Senior Manager (Corporate Development)
Workpass Division
Ministry of Manpower
6 “I am particularly happy that the workshop was conducted in a very satisfactory manner and that it has achieved its objectives.”

Mr. Rajeev V. Nayak
General Manager
BIOSEED Research Philippines, Inc. 

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6 “Thank you for conducting the “Telephone Courtesy & Customer service’ workshop for us between the period of May 2007.”

2 “We are pleased to write this letter of reference concerning our experience with Trust Management Centre.”

1 “Thank you for conducting the customized ‘Fundamental Management Skills for Leaders & Supervisors’ course.”

5 “Mr. Kishore is an experienced & dedicated trainer who is able to deliver the importance and key areas of.”

7 “My staff found Stress Management workshop is useful and.”

Mr. Wong Wai Sung
Head / Administration (Physical Planning Division)
National Parks Board
77 “The officers had found the training to be relevant and were pleased.”

77 “Hi Shawn, Thank you very much for an interesting workshop on “Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service” on Tuesday, 28 April 2009. The admin staff had picked up many useful points from your session which were very practical and relevant! We are now more mindful in how to we answer our telephone and also to listen to what our customers are saying.”

Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Ms. Wee Puay Cheng
Human Resources & Admin Manager
7 “The participants provided positive feedback on the training.”

Ms. Kay Pungkothai
Head (Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology)
National Parks Board
1 “Thank you for conducting the “Service Quality for Frontline Staff” workshop for CAAS.”

Ms. Xu Xue Ting
Assistant Manager (Secretariat)
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
1 “We would like to thank you for conducting “Editing and Proofreading.”

Ms. Lai Jun Hong
Executive Human Resource Officer
(Urban Redevelopment Authority)
1 “We thank you for helping us to achieve the objectives”

Ms. Joyce Lim
Head Checkpoint Services and Investigation Branch (Singapore Customs)
1 “We have received positive feedback from the teachers about the way you conducted.

Mr. Thomas Wan
Subject Head Pupil Development
(Tampines Secondary School)
77 Thank you for conducting 2 runs each of “Ensuring Peak Performance through Effective Working Relationships” & “Effective Presentation Skills and Techniques”

DSP Jarrod Nair
Police National Service Dept
Singapore Police Force
“Thank you for your time & professional approach in conducting the workshop for our Managers.”

Mr. Lim Kim Leng
Managing Director
Banquet Holdings
“Our Participants have good feedback for the training content and his training style. The training content is practical, fun & most importantly meets the objective that we set.”

Ms. Margaret Ngern
SUTL Group
“…. The result was excellent. Kishore was an articulate & knowledgeable course leader.”

Mr. Yong Yin Min
Executive Director
Ghim Li Group of Companies
“Our staff enjoyed his workshops very much & highly rated his curriculum & delivery. Furthermore, the logistical support we received from Trust Management Centre was professional, efficient & reliable.”

Mr Tong Yew Kwan
Learning Specialist & Asst. Vice President
L & D Department, HR Division
Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC Bank)
2 “He has been rated above average consistently.”

Ms. Irene Seah
Human Resources
Housing & Development Board (HDB)
“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr.Kishore to conducting the ESS Communication and Relation.”

Mrs.Dionne Neo
Agape Little Uni Pte Ltd
“We would like to inform you that your time spent with us on consultancy to identify the organisational development (OD) and communication problems we faced in our organisation has been effective.”

Mr. Vincent Tan
ExxonMobil Oil Singapore Pte Ltd
“… Our employees found the training to be interesting, enjoyable, inspiring and informative.”

Ms. Teresa Loh
Human Resources Manager
Scarlet Hotel
“… The one-and-a-half day workshop has offered us greater clarity of the process involved in action research..

Read on” – Vincent Voo, School Staff Developer, Ang Mio KoSecondary Schhol

Vincent Voo
School Staff Developer
Ang Mio Ko Secondary Schhol
“The course was facilitated by Mr. Shawn Jethmal who was able to engage the interest of the participants.”

Lian Chuen Ann
Admin Manager
St. Margaret
1 “Trust Management Centre was able to deliver the course according to expectations.”

Lau Yi Lin
Senior Manager
“It is an interesting workshop that I had learnt a lot from. Mr. Kishore also had been very popular among the trainees.”

Tran Chi Trung
“He is a very dedicated trainer and his training was intensive and was able to deliver the importance in all the relevant areas in terms of delivering quality guests’ service.”

Mr. Cyril Raj
Hotel Manager
Naumi Hotel

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