Our Approach

Instructional techniques include:

Motivational Talks

Reflective Exercises

Activities with application & experiential games

Group Discussions



Role Plays

Oral Questions



Doing & Discovery

Interactive Discussions


Case Studies & Analysis



Peer Assessment

Observation & Feedback


Check-list Preparation

Ice Breakers

Team Challenges

Team Games

All our programmes are based on our 4-pronged methodology to support your long-term learning and development journey.

We adopt an experiential learning approach that facilitates learning by doing and discovery. Experiential learning enables you to learn from your environment and identify immediate opportunities to apply your new knowledge and skills. By understanding yourself and your environment better, you will be able to seek out the knowledge and skills needed for your own growth.

We use a reflective teaching technique to engage you in the process of analysis, synthesis and evaluation of situations, issues and alternatives. Through reflection, you will be able to think more creatively and examine alternative outcomes in your workplace. Essentially, you will be able to leverage existing and new knowledge and skills to find innovative solutions to challenges.

We work within the functional context to ensure training activities are relevant to your individual work context. In this way, our programmes will harness your ability to immediately integrate and apply your new knowledge and skills at your workplace.

First we learn, then we apply. The tangible benefits of our programmes are derived from the consistent application of skills in various workplace situations. Through executive coaching, we continue to work with you to ensure your new skills and knowledge are well embedded as you go back to your role. We remain available for support and coaching on your development journey.

The Trust Diamond Approach

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